Vibram Five Fingers Shoes

Barefoot Alternative
Barefoot Alternative

Tim Ferriss on Vibram Shoes from Kevin Rose on Vimeo.


Ennis Dorm

Ennis Dorm Buddies

Ennis Dorm Buddies

Its me,Joe, you know that guy who went to GC. Sorry we haven’t been in touch. I promise to do better. It hasbeen a hectic 12 weeks.We are going to the doctor tomorrow so I will give you a new update. Mellie is working 5 days now and putting some weight on her foot. All the activity wears her out and me too.
I will catch up on the other ideas about facebook, blogs and etc. I have a lot of emails to look at.
Will update this weekend on our doctor visit.

Joe Boy



I entered to win Kobe Burgers!

Loss of Magic

Watching  the Michael Jackson memorial today I was struck by the loss – personally, musically and for his family. I came away seeing and feeling completely different from what I first thought I might feel or see. I think his daughter, Paris, said it best.

The Steps

The StepsThe Steps – where all the world’s problems got solved after supper.

After July 4th

Where to America….it seems we’re worse off economically or is it just my imagination? Saw an acquaintance that works for the local Ace Hardware and asked how it was going. He said he was on a “6 week separation” that had already turned into 7 weeks. This was after 30 years at the store…

July 4th