The Steps

The StepsThe Steps – where all the world’s problems got solved after supper.

4 responses to “The Steps

  1. Meet me there by 6 and by 7 we could straighten out the economy, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and have time left over to figure out what killed Michael Jackson….

    • Terry Thompson

      Did you get this? Did I do this s*** right? I’m a computer illiterate, so I mostly don’t know what I’m doing. Let me know. please.

  2. OK, but I’m still wondering who was out there (literally) ripping off the bumper stickers of my 67 Camaro….”Free Our Sisters, Free Ourselves” or something like that…. I’ve already asked Dave P. he’s innocent …but someone must have seen the culprit (s)….too late for DNA….but I feel now is the time for the truth to out! The truth shall set u Free!

    • Ok, the truth will set me free… I stole the stickers! David Morgan and I used them to patch the holes in our walls at the Humpty-Dump. There. I’ve come clean and it feels good. Now, I need to know who ripped off my Simon and Garfunkle Sounds of Silence album?

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